Recreational Diving Tips In Florida

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Recreational Diving Tips In Florida

Two coral reefs run parallel to our shore at depths of 40 feet and 60 feet. These reefs lie about one mile off shore. Ship wrecks lie between and beyond the reefs. Inhabitants include just about every fish and critter in Paul Humann's series of books.

Drift Diving #

Our favorite reefs ... Lynn's Reef, the Delray Ledges, Finks Grouper Hole with Caribbean Reef Sharks, the Sanctuary, and Mike's Twin Ledges. On reef dives, we drift dive in small groups, each group with it's own flag and float. When we surface, the boat is there waiting for us.

Wreck Diving #

Our favorite wrecks ... the Captain Tony (85 feet), the Sea Emperor (70 feet) with tame Sting Rays, the Ancient Mariner (72 feet), the Captain Dan (110 feet), the Rodeo 25 (130 feet), and the Mercedes (97 feet). On wreck dives, we follow a line down to the wreck and come up the same line at the end of the dive.

Come into our store or call us to book trips to these and other great dive sites. For details on booking trips with us, see the section on Dive Boats.

Snorkeling #

The boat diving in our area is world class. However, the reefs are too deep for snorkeling. Fortunately we have some great beach sites for snorkeling and even limited diving. For details see the section on Beach Sites.