APPENDIX 1D — List of Acronyms 1D-1
ABS Acrylonitile Butadiene Styrene
ACF Actual Cubic Feet
ACFM Actual Cubic Feet per Minute
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support
ADS Advance Diving System
AGE Arterial Gas Embolism
ALSS Auxiliary Life-Support System
AM Amplitude Modulated
ANU Authorized for Navy Use List
AQD Additional Qualification Designator
ARD Audible Recall Device
ARS Auxiliary Rescue/Salvage Ship
AS Submarine Tender
ASDS Advanced Seal Delivery System
ASRA Air Supply Rack Assembly
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASU Air Support Unit
ATA Atmosphere Absolute
ATP Ambient Temperature and Pressure
ATS Active Thermal System
BC Buoyancy Compensator
BCLS Basic Cardiac Life Support
1D-2 U.S. Navy Diving Manual—Volume 1
BIBS Built-In Breathing System
BPM Breaths per Minute
BTPS Body Temperature, Ambient Pressure
BTU British Thermal Unit
CDO Command Duty Officer
CDU Consolidated Diving Unit
CETU Closed-Circuit Television
CGA Compressed Gas Association
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CNS Central Nervous System
CONUS Continental United States
COSAL Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CRS Chamber Reducing Station
CSMD Combat Swimmer Multilevel Dive
CSS Coastal System Station
CUMA Canadian Underwater Minecoutermeasures Apparatus
CWDS Contaminated Water Diving System
CWPDS Chemical Warfare Protective Dry Suit
DATPS Divers Active Thermal Protection System
DC Duty Cycle
DCIEM Defense & Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine
DCS Decompression Sickness
DDC Deck Decompression Chamber
DDS Deep Diving System
APPENDIX 1D — List of Acronyms 1D-3
DDS Dry Deck Shelter
DHMLS Divers Helmet Mounted Lighting System
DLSE Diving Life-Support Equipment
DLSS Divers Life Support System
DMO Diving Medical Officer
DMS Dive Monitoring System
DMT Diving Medical Technician
DOT Department of Transportation
DRS Dive Reporting System
DSI Diving Systems International
DSM Diving System Module
DSRG Deep Submergence Review Group
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle
DSSP Deep Submergence System Project
DT Dive Time or Descent Time
DT/DG Dive Timer/Depth Gauge
DTC Definitive Treatment Chamber
DUCTS Divers Underwater Color Television System
DV Diver
DVPS Diver Propulsion Vehicles
EAD Equivalent Air Depth
EBA Emergency Breathing Apparatus
EBS I Emergency Breathing System I
EBS II Emergency Breathing System II
EDF Experimental Diving Facility
1D-4 U.S. Navy Diving Manual—Volume 1
EDU Experimental Diving Unit (Canadian)
EDWS Enhanced Diver Warning System
EEC Emergency Evacuation Chamber
EGS Emergency Gas Supply
ENT Ear, Nose, and Throat
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EPs Emergency Procedures
ESDS Enclosed Space Diving System
ESSM Emergency Ship Salvage Material
FADS I Flyaway Air Dive System I
FADS II Flyaway Air Dive System II
FADS III Flyaway Dir Dive System III
FAIR Failure Analysis or Inadequacy Report
FAR Failure Analysis Report
FARCC Flyaway Recompression Chamber
FED SPEC Federal Specifications
FFM Full Face Mask
FFW Feet of Fresh Water
FMGS Flyaway Mixed-Gas System
FPM Feet per Minute
FSW Feet of Sea Water
FV Floodable Volume
GFI Ground Fault Interrupter
GPM Gallons per Minute
Hyperbaric Oxygen
APPENDIX 1D — List of Acronyms 1D-5
HCU Harbor Clearance Unit
HOSRA Helium-Oxygen Supply Rack Assembly
HP High Pressure
HPNS High Pressure Nervous Syndrome
HSU Helium Speech Unscrambler
ICCP Impressed-Current Cathodic Protection
IDV Integrated Divers Vest
IL Inner Lock
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
ISIC Immediate Senior in Command
IUSS Submarine Integrated Undersea Surveillance System
JAG Judge Advocate General
J/L Joules per Liter, Unit of Measure for Work of Breathing
KwHr Kilowatt Hour
LARU Lambertsen Amphibious Respiratory Unit
LAR V Draeger Lung Automatic Regenerator
LB Left Bottom
LCM Landing Craft
LFA Low Frequency Acoustic
LFS Low Frequency Sonar
LP Low Pressure
LPM Liters per Minute
LS Left Surface
LSS Life Support System or Life Support Skid
LWDS Light Weight Diving System
1D-6 U.S. Navy Diving Manual—Volume 1
MBC Maximal Breathing Capacity
MCC Main Control Console
MDSU Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit
MDV Master Diver
MEFR Maximum Expiratory Flow Rate
MEV Manual Exhaust Valve
MFP Minimum Flask Pressure
MGCCA Mixed-Gas Control Console Assembly
MIFR Maximum Inspiratory Flow Rate
MILSTD Military Standards
MMP Minimum Manifold Pressure
MP Medium Pressure
MRC Maintenance Requirement Card
MSW Meters of Sea Water
MVV Maximum Ventilatory Volume
NAVEDTRA Naval Education Training
NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineer Command
NAVMED Naval Medical Command
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
ND Noise Dose
NDSTC Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
NEC Navy Enlisted Classification
NEDU Navy Experimental Diving Unit
NEURO Neurological Examination
NID Non-Ionic Detergent
APPENDIX 1D — List of Acronyms 1D-7
NITROX Nitrogen-Oxygen
NMRI Navy Medical Research Institute
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NO-D No Decompression
NPC Naval Personnel Command
NRV Non Return Valve
NSMRL Navy Submarine Medical Research Laboratory
NSN National Stock Number
NSTM Naval Ships Technical Manual or NAVSEA Technical Manual
O&M Operating and Maintenance
OBP Over Bottom Pressure
OCEI Ocean Construction Equipment Inventory
OIC Officer in Charge
OJT On the Job Training
OL Outer Lock
OOD Officer of the Deck
OPs Operating Procedures
OSF Ocean Simulation Facility
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
P&O2 Pressure and Oxygen
PEL Permissible Exposure Limit
PMS Planned Maintenance System
PNS Peripheral Nervous System
PP Partial Pressure
Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide
1D-8 U.S. Navy Diving Manual—Volume 1
PPM Parts per Million
Partial Pressure Oxygen
PRC Portable Recompression Chamber
PSI Pounds per Square Inch
PSIA Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
PSIG Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
PSOB Pre-Survey Outline Booklet
PTC Personnel Transfer Capsule
PTS Passive Thermal System
QA Quality Assurance
RB Reached Bottom
RCC Recompression Chamber
REC Re-Entry Control
RMV Respiratory Minute Ventilation
RNT Residual Nitrogen Time
ROV Remotely Operated Vehicles
RQ Respiratory Quotient
RS Reached Surface
RSP Render Safe Procedure
SAD Safe Ascent Depth
SCA System Certification Authority
SCF Standard Cubic Feet
SCFM Standard Cubic Feet per Minute
SCFR Standard Cubic Feet Required
SCSC’S System Certification Cards
APPENDIX 1D — List of Acronyms 1D-9
SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SDASS Special Divers Air Support System
SDC Submersible Decompression Chamber
SDRW Sonar Dome Rubber Window
SDS Saturation Diving System
SDV Seal Delivery System
SEAL Sea, Air, and Land
SET Surface Equivalent Table
SEV Surface Equivalent (percent or pressure)
SI Surface Interval or System International
SITRR Submarine IUSS Training Requirements Review
SLM Standard Liters per Minute (short version used in formulas)
SLPM Standard Liters per Minute
SNDB Standard Navy Dive Boat
SOC Scope of Certifications
SPCC Strength Power Communication Cable
SPL Sound Pressure Level
SRDRS Submarine Diving and Recompression System
SSB Single Side Band
SSDS Surface Supplied Diving System
STEL Safe Thermal Exposure Limits
STP Standard Temperature and Pressure
STPD Standard Temperature and Pressure, Dry Gas
SUR D Surface Decompression
SUR D AIR Surface Decompression Using Air
1D-10 U.S. Navy Diving Manual—Volume 1
SUR D O2 Surface Decompression Using Oxygen
T-ATF Fleet Ocean Tug
TBT Total Bottom Time
TDCS Tethered Diver Communication System
TDT Total Decompression Time
TL Transfer Lock
TLC Total Lung Capacity
TLD Thermal Luminescence Dosimeter
TLV Threshold Limit Values
TM Technical Manual
TMDER Technical Manual Deficiency Evaluation Report
TRC Transportable Recompression Chamber
TRCS Transportable Recompression Chamber System
TTD Total Time of Dive
UBA Underwater Breathing Apparatus
UCT Underwater Construction Team
UDM Underwater Decompression Monitor
UDT Underwater Demolition Team
UQC Underwater Mobile Sound Communications
UWSH underwater ship husbandry
VENTIDC Vision Ear Nausea Twitching Irritability Dizziness Convulsions
VTA Volume Tank Assembly
VVDS Variable Volume Dry Suit
WOB Work of Breathing
YDT Diving Tender