What Is Padi, And Why Is It Great?

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What Is Padi, And Why Is It Great?

What is Padi? #

The letters PADI stand for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Established in 1966, PADI is the largest scuba training organization in the world. Approximately 70% of the divers certified each year in the United States are certified as PADI divers.

Why Do We Recommend Them? #

While big is not always best, PADI is big because they are the best. In particular, the instructors are well trained and their adherence to standards is closely monitored by the PADI quality assurance organization. And the PADI teaching materials are the best in the business.

How to Get a Padi Certification? #

There are many diving centers all around the globe. Some are in the most beautiful diving spots and allow you to combine your training with an amazing trip. The Padi Website has a great locator so you can easily find a center in your preferred location.

Which Certifications Can You Get? #

Padi offeres a many diving certification courses and additional training for wide variety of diving applications.

For beginner divers, there is the Open Water Diver certification. This will get you ready for diving in many of the most beautiful sites across the globe.

When you want to take things further, in depth and independence, there is the Advanced Open Water certification. Now you will be able to dive deeper than 60 ft and build out your knowledge and skills.

After the Advanced Open Water, you can continue with the Rescue Diver and Adaptive Support Diver courses. These courses allow you to start leading one or more inexperienced divers.